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MOOC's and SOOC's at Instructurecon

I will be joining Michael Goudzwaard of Dartmouth University (formerly of Keene State College) to present on our experience teaching the first...

Sensory Struggles: My Kid Makes Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented drink that is all the rage in my corner of the world.  You can buy several brands in several flavors in our local food...

Puzzling Internet Failure: People Still Lack a Say

I started blogging in the early days of blogging on Radio Userland and tapped in to the excitement many of us felt about our new found freedom...

College Choice and Social Capital

I had lunch not too long ago with a recently retired college president with whom I was discussing my own kid's plans on applying to college....

Executive Functioning, Philosophy, what Professors waste time arguing about

I recently received an email sent to a group of profs using a particular room on campus reminding us (scolding?) to put chairs and tables back...
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