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Kirsti A. Dyer MD, MS, FT, CWS is a respected physician, professional health educator, professor, lecturer and author. She received her Medical and Master's Degrees from the University of California, Davis and completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and... Full Bio
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Jul 07 2008 by Dr. Kirsti D., MD

I added two more goals:

Walking 60 minutes on most days (realizing that my exercising may mostly be walking, especially in the hot weather.)

Swimming 2 days a week for a mile (I think). My swimming goals will only be short-term because I only have access to a place to swim laps through August. I am hoping to be able to improve my swimming so I can swim across the lake before the summer is over. 


Jul 07 2008 by Dr. Kirsti D., MD

I am still getting oriented to WellSphere. It looks to be a great resource for promoting well being and motivating people.

I finally set some Goals:

1. To Eat Healthy

2. To Exercise at least 60 minutes on most days.

3. To Take Stress Breaks

4. To add Yoga at least 30 minutes three days a week to help strengthen my core.

The last goal isn't an option for listing, but my goal

5. To spend quality, fun or relaxing time with my daughters.