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Dr. Kim .. Naturopathic Doctor

Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Dr. Kim Bloomer is a veterinary naturopath, host of the online radio show Animal Talk Naturally,... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
That's because dogs are what are known as opportunistic scavenger carnivores. What... more
Dec 22 2008 4:12pm
That could very well be an adverse reaction to the vaccines. You ought to contact your... more
Dec 22 2008 4:09pm
Dec 22 2008 9:00am
Hi Sam, I honestly don't know what to say to this. Are you just making a statement... more
Dec 22 2008 4:03pm
Oops I forgot the second reason:  Overvaccinating. You can find out a lot more... more
Dec 19 2008 8:11am
Zoe, diet also plays a huge role in how healthy your cat can be. She can live a long... more
Dec 19 2008 7:56am
Hi Christine,   I've not experienced this but I'm sure you could ask your vet... more
Dec 19 2008 7:51am
I'd try some FOOD grade diatomaceous earth on her. Go to this... more
Dec 16 2008 2:08pm
Can you be more explicit in how the eye looks? Did he bump into something? Bitten by a... more
Dec 16 2008 2:05pm
Dec 05 2008 9:16am
I agree with what Dr. Jeannie is saying. And indeed you want to look at all of those... more
Dec 05 2008 4:36pm
Cancer is the ultimate example of a body completely out of balance (homeostasis) - the... more
Dec 03 2008 6:52pm