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Dr. Kim .. Naturopathic Doctor

Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Dr. Kim Bloomer is a veterinary naturopath, host of the online radio show Animal Talk Naturally,... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Yes, one of the ones I often suggest to clients is to use food-grade diatomaceous earth.... more
Nov 26 2010 7:27pm
Mar 12 2009 12:37pm
Yes that is my statement. Your dog is a carnivore. more
Mar 19 2009 2:47am
Hi Suzanne, Yes there are medications to treat your dog for seizures. I'd sure... more
Mar 08 2009 3:37am
Rather than treat this apparent symptom, why not dig in and look to the root cause of... more
Mar 06 2009 1:21am
Terri, I don't know about the supplements, but you may want to consider using a... more
Mar 06 2009 1:17am
Hi Becky, Has your dog been to a vet? Not drinking is not good at all. I'd be more... more
Mar 06 2009 1:10am
Feb 23 2009 6:45pm
I agree with Dr. Myrna here. You may also want to consider a different diet for your... more
Mar 06 2009 1:07am
I can't tell you what to do about all those drugs your vet is prescribing for your dog... more
Mar 01 2009 6:14am
Well Poligrip will hold dentures in place tightly, but I'm not sure what it will do to... more
Feb 23 2009 5:35pm
The fur is gone there? No scratching or irriation? The fur is gone in the spot? When... more
Feb 22 2009 12:08pm