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Lincoln, California
I am a physician in Northern California. I was diagnosed with primary AL Amyloidosis in June 2008 and underwent a heart transplant at Stanford in August of 2008. I then had an autologous stem cell transplant in March of 2009 in an attempt to control my amyloidosis. I am married to Barbie and have... Full Bio
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Grandpa Anderson

My Grandpa Anderson died in April 1959. I never knew him in this mortal life. However, I believe that my birth 4 months later helped to comfort...

New experiences

Some people are thrill seekers. They are into extreme sports so they can get that "adrenaline rush". Yet, there is a certain sense that in...

Eat Better in 2014

"Eat Better in 2014" Catchy title. But this is not a blog on the virtues of vegan existence or grazing on crudites. It is about eating stuff that...


Carphoria noun (karforeeah) OLD ENGLISH  The experience of exhilaration felt while driving home in your wife's convertible roadster with the top...

South Africa - Gem of the Southern Hemisphere

We recently traveled to South Africa to Kruger National Park for a four day safari. Then it was off to Cape Town to experience the beauty and...

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