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I'm brunette and I'm a medical student, hence the "medically brunette" (After all why should aspiring blonde lawyers get to have all the fun?!)
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High School GCSE Science

I like to think of myself as a tolerant person. However, armchair science is something I have very little patience for. This is a situation I've...

Dr. Science or Dr. Fluff

Doctors have got to be good at science and do all the fluffy stuff. I wonder what is easier. Take a naturally empathic person and try to...


Ever see those "You know you're a xx when..." and follows a list of funny things which, much of the time for me, happen to be true. In the case of...


I have never had exam related nightmares before!! Now I see cardiology questions (I haven't revised this topic yet) and the invigilator sees me...

Hoop Jumping!

Well hello hello!It is exam season again and what better time to procrastinate and revive my old medical blog? Apart from the fact I had forgotten...

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