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Dr. Karma K. Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Boston, Massachusetts
Are you a baby boomer or older who wants to create a meaningful life after you leave your mid-years' occupation? I help active, motivated people do just that. I'm a certified life and career coach specializing in the over-50 generation transitioning into what used to be called... Full Bio
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Better Brain Because of Aging, Not Despite It

Gene Cohen, MD, MPH, the multi-talented geriatric researcher, participated in the Positive Aging Conference I attended in Florida. Here's some...

Create Brain Resources to Protect From Losing It

Do you (or your parents) worry about losing your marbles when you grow older? Do you have a family history of Alzheimer's? Or, are there old...

How to Nourish the Brain to Keep it Young

Brain games keep the mature brain agile and supple; a new article in the Washington Post points to some other ways to keep supplying nutrients...

Blogging Your Heart Away for Mind Fitness and Making New Friends

Have you always thought you had a lot to say? Do you have a book lurking within you? Do you want to leave a legacy to your grandchildren of...

How to Retain Your Job as You Shift Gears

Almost one-half of 150 senior executives in 1000 major American companies state that the most significant event for corporations in the next...
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Aug 29 2008 by Dr. Karma K., PhD
My goal is to complete and publish my 2nd book: Women Riders Who Could...and Did: Life Stories of High-Achieving Equestriennes, a book that reflects my middle aged passion with horses.


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