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Dr. Karen S. Doctor of Philosophy

San Francisco, California
Greetings! I am a clinical neuropsychologist by training, which means that I am trained to work... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Seriously - "don't" is a great answer. Following any abnormal activity in the brain... more
Oct 04 2013 5:40pm
How long will a feeding tube in an adult sustain life?: Decades. I have worked with... more
Feb 27 2012 6:18pm
Pink Lady: There are a few reasons: 1) Most of what you read about people with... more
Jan 17 2011 8:29pm
That is a big question, but the shortest possible answer is that it means her frontal... more
Dec 14 2009 11:13am
It can happen and isn't unusual if the person is less active and less involved with... more
Apr 21 2009 1:53pm
You can try neurofeedback, to teach the brain not to produce the seizure-causing... more
Apr 21 2009 1:49pm
Jan 17 2009 8:25am
Memory abilities can change for a lot of reasons. Some can be addressed easily and... more
Apr 21 2009 1:19pm
Alvaro:  Yes, I was also not impressed with this article and was prompted to write... more
Apr 21 2009 1:10pm