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Big News Coming Soon!

To all my readers, I apologize for the lack of updates over the past few weeks. I have been in talks for something big relating to this blog. I am...

Case Contol Studies

In this recent blog entry, we discussed the hierarchy of evidence and briefly touched on the different types of...

A Message to all New Dentists (From a Fellow New Dentist)

Organized dentistry helps you succeed! At the ADA New Dentist Conference in Miami, I met Josh Lord who works for the Michigan Dental...

Cool Plasma

A little break from the EBD monotony.... I got an email this morning from AMC (the TV network) with a link to this article. The article...

Levels of Evidence

In the past two entries, we have reviewed EBD and defined it. Today, I would like to review evidence. We all had a course in dental school...

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Jun 02 2009 by Dee

Dear Dr. Josh,

I have four existing porcelain over base metal crowns on my molars (third from the back (wisdom) on upper and lower left and right).  I now need crowns for all the molars second to the back (upper/lower left and right next to the wisdom teeth).  The dentist wants to remain with porcelain over base metal.  I've read its best to stay with the same metals to lessen any chance of galvanic response since saliva can act as a conduit for the exposed metals at my gumline.

My question is whether I should switch to porcelain over gold metal for these new teeth because my base metal crowns seem to act as an antenna when I use my cell phone -- I get severe ear pain when using the cell phone which is even worse with the stainless steel temporary I have on my prepared tooth.  I know, it sounds crazy.  Anyway, I was wondering whether the gold metal would create less of a problem.  If you could please answer asap I would be so grateful, as my dentist is frustrated with me.


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