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Hi, My name is Dr. Joseph K. Egbebike. I have a doctorate degree in Pathokinesiology (New York University) and I have been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years. I am a homecare rehabilitation specialist and every day I work with patients who have diabetes type 2, many of them with the so called... Full Bio
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Aug 08 2009 by Dr. Joseph Egbebike

Hi Fellas,

Just wanted to bring to your attention the issue of falls among diabetic patients. Many patients with diabetic neuropathy also have balance issues. This is usually due to loss of sensations in their feet. One person told me she has a hard time walking around in her garden or any uneven surface and has fallen a couple of times. I found out she has a "drop foot" problem due to the damage to the nerve that helps her raise her foot up during walking. This problem can easily be corrected with an ankle foot device that can be inserted into a shoe or shoes.

Most importantly a diabetic neuropathy patient must always try to be conscious of this problem. They should think before any movements and be aware of the nature of the surfaces they walk on.

Also, they should use a cane or a walker to prevent falls.




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