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Dr. Jonathan Holt Doctor of Osteopathy

Palo Alto, California
Dr. Holt's practice philosophy focuses on health and wellness in addition to identifying the... Full Bio
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Brains, DNA and Direct to Consumer Genetic testing

In the recent months, I have had the unfortunate (and humbling) experience of being on the receiving end of healthcare.  While laying in the...

International classification of health codes – ICH 1

Have you ever wondered why we have the International Classification of Disease codes, or ICD for short, but we don’t have an International...

The low hanging fruit in the garden of good and evil.

  low hanging fruit I have been told that cancer genetics is the ‘low hanging fruit’ of personalized medicine.  I have my...

Mercerism and the pursuit of knowledge

Mercerism   Much like the plight of Wilbur Mercer or Sisyphus, I have been faced with a challenging uphill-battle in my pursuit...

Nature verses nurture

  Put simply….  life is about balance! We see it in our everyday life.  Work and play, day and night, life and death, mind and body…....

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