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Northampton, Massachusetts
John Zebrun, M.D. is currently in private practice in Northampton, MA. He served on staff for over a decade at his local community hospital, where he was Chief of the Department of Psychiatry and Medical Director of Outpatient Behavioral Health Services. Dr. Zebrun maintains board certification in... Full Bio
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Mar 28 2011 by madcowl

 i am a man , 49 years old , i have daily edema with very deep  pitting on my lower legs . i even get a ring around my head from wearing my hardhat  .   i feel bloated most of the time  .i take water pills  ,   here's the odd thing , whenever i get a cold or flu type of sickness , the edema goes away completely  . why would this be ?  what may be going on to cause all this ?  thanks

Apr 11 2010 by ameet
Hello read ur blog on ESBL..My wife is 7months pregnant and she is suffering from the same...she was kept on injectibles for 7 days too..but recent culture again showed growth..i am very worried can you please tell me how to go about it and what are its effects on baby as well as my wife health..looking forward to hear from u
Mar 01 2010 by kathy46322
I have fibromyalgia and cfs. Are there any supplements that would benefit me?
Jun 07 2009 by Dr. Anshu Gupta
Can u provide to to take proper care of dislysis patient.
Jan 22 2009 by max p.
Hi Dr John. I was reading your article on Naringenin and Heptitis and I was wondering where I can purchase Naringenin capsules.  
Jan 16 2009 by cgipson

Dr. Dr. John,

I am doing personal training with someone that tells me she has a "psedo cerebral tumor."  I have asked her to get a doctor's note telling me what she is not allowed to do, but this process is taking longer than I would like.  I am just asking if you can give me a few exercises that I can do with my participant.  (or what she cannot do)