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Dr. Johanna Marie McShane Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Lafayette, California
Dr. Johanna Marie Mcshane has been working in the field of eating disorders treatment for 20... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Stress affects everyone differently. It can make people eat more, less, or no... more
Oct 16 2008 9:01am
No eating disorder is fundamentally about food, weight or body size, although they all... more
Oct 18 2008 7:59pm
It's important to get things like what you are describing checked out by your doctor;... more
Jan 10 2009 3:48pm
I get asked this question all the time. It's a complicated one to answer. It's not as... more
Jan 27 2009 2:53pm
Megan, there are two components that go into an eating disorder- the physical and the... more
Dec 04 2009 9:48am
Jan 05 2010 8:24pm
"Is bulimia permanent?" is a great question, and one I get asked ALL the time.... more
Jan 05 2010 10:07pm
Wellbutrin is a medication that has been specifically studied in relation to Bulimia... more
Jan 17 2010 6:33pm
I don't know of any research that shows a particular relationship between Bulimia and... more
Jan 17 2010 6:41pm
I have an idea for you- how about taking a look at some of the really good websites... more
Jan 17 2010 6:46pm
Mar 14 2010 1:31pm
The trick to the progression you're talking about is to not be black and... more
Mar 24 2010 8:45am