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Dr. Johanna Marie McShane Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Lafayette, California
Dr. Johanna Marie Mcshane has been working in the field of eating disorders treatment for 20... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
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Jan 07 2011 5:45pm
One way to describe an eating disorder is like this: it is a psychological phenomenon... more
Jan 07 2011 5:33pm
Dancegirl, chips, in and of themselves, are not bad! No food is, in and of itself, bad!... more
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Jan 07 2011 1:10am
Two things mostly happen in bulimia: there are significant weight fluctuations, and... more
Jan 07 2011 5:05pm
Residential treatment programs can be super helpful. They are one of a variety of... more
Jan 07 2011 4:55pm
Jan 10 2010 5:13pm
Justme, so far you've got a couple of really good responses to your question, and one... more
Jan 07 2011 4:38pm
Oct 27 2010 9:53am
Hollie, BMI is a tricky thing. It can be a helpful general guideline for a range of... more
Oct 28 2010 9:00am
Mar 24 2010 3:18am
Hi, great job on the recovery from the ED. That's terrific! You might consider having a... more
Mar 24 2010 8:53am