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Health Maven's Answer
Yes you should be concerned and get the cat to a veterinarian as soon as possible more
May 03 2009 8:52am
Sounds like an emergency to me.   I would get her to a veterinarian A.S.A.P.   She may... more
Apr 22 2009 7:38am
Sunny, The first place I would look is to his diet.  If he is on processed kibble... more
Apr 22 2009 7:36am
You need to get her to a veterinarian as soon as possible.  Let us know the... more
Apr 02 2009 8:24am
You need to get your dog to a vet A.S.A.P. more
Mar 25 2009 12:04am
It is labled to be safe for cats and dogs in the right amount.   Was your cat... more
Mar 13 2009 8:34am
First of all,  has your dog seen a veterinarian and been diagnoised with a recurring... more
Mar 07 2009 1:10am
Becky, This sounds quite serious,  please get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as... more
Mar 06 2009 4:48am
most likely a discharge of somekind.   NOT a good thing,  please get your parakeet to an... more
Mar 01 2009 12:29pm