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Dr. Jason Hales Doctor of Dentistry

Specialty: Dental health
Mesa, Arizona
Dr. Jason J. Hales joined Superstition Springs Endodontics in June 2002. He was raised in Indiana and later moved to Utah where he finished high school and went on to college. Dr. Hales and his wife, Shondelle, were married in 1993. Shondelle is a native of Mesa, Arizona. They have a eight year... Full Bio
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Jan 31 2010 by anamcara57
I recently saw my dentist for tooth sensitivity . He applied a liquid material that he brushed over 2 molars and one wisdom tooth. It was applied up near the gums. The sensivity was lessoned yet I soon developed issues with my tmj joint. Although I always experienced cracking in my jaw I never experienced pain and tightness  like I am now. My question is can I be having an alergic reaction to the material the dentist used on my teeth?
Mar 09 2009 by six
I have the worst pain on the right side of my mouth.  It feels like contractions in my mouth.  The pain shoots through my mouth, then it starts to throb and stops.  A few minutes later it stops then starts all over again.  My dentist prescribed antibiotics and pain med, the pain med doesn't help

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