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Dr. James Prego

Islip, New York
I have a passion for naturopathic medicine because it combines the best of the science and art of medicine. I have been fully trained in the medical sciences and diagnostic techniques. I have learned how to heal using plants, diet, lifestyle, nutrition, vitamins, counseling, homeopathy,... Full Bio
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Licensure in HY

Hello everyone. Please read these articles and 'like' them and/or leave some comments, and spread them around as much as you like. It will help...

Raising awareness of naturopathic medicine

This is important to raise awareness of Naturopathic medicine. Only 2% of the US knows Naturopathic medicine exists! lets change...

Women's Health and Chemicals

This is an interview of Dr. Marchese discussing the impact of chemicals in the environment on women's health. ...

Lbboy Day!

Lobby Day for Licensing NDs is MAY 17th in Albany, NY! Be a part of Naturopathic Medicine Awareness at the state capitol. Come and share your...

On Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, and more

This is part one of a many part video. After you watch this part, you can see the following parts. This powerful video about how...
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