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San Francisco, California
When I decided at age nine to become a doctor, I had no idea who would be my sickest patient. Over... Full Bio
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Jan 19 2011 by shanerspouse
My left ankle & foot areswelling, feel inflammed and when first started was itching.  I take symbicort, & diltiazan. Have taken butemide .50mgs. 3 X daily for about 5 days. Inner part of ankle aches & is tender.  Problem?
Mar 03 2009 by bamajilly

I have been suffering from tingling in my hands and feet on and off for the past week. I have been under a lot of stress and anxiety.

Could this cause this problem?


Jan 10 2009 by sherryk
I have an upset stomach almost every day sometimes when I dont even eat. How do I cure this


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