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Dr. Helaine Smith

San Francisco, California
Dr. Smith, a Boston, Massachusetts cosmetic dentist, has combined a dedication to patient care, volunteerism, and business acumen since beginning her dentistry career in 1991. She is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and a Las Vegas Institute graduate, and she recently completed an... Full Bio
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Aug 05 2009 by princessfiona

 The following statements you made on Wellsphere I consider unprofessional

"but this proposal is really a major disservice to the poor -- who have a tough life to begin with.

Often the poor and uninsured suffer from complex medical issues which further impede them from working. They need the proper assessment of a trained dentist who has a doctorate degree and is able to properly assess their health history and how the dental treatment will be impacted by their current medical situation.

The poor are human beings with rights, and to think that having a less qualified person care for them is right . . . well, someone needs to look at the ethetics involved and their moral compass. Egos are in the way. "


You are implying thatdental hygienists do not require a body of knowledge that qualifies them to provide treatment to "poor" patients. This is not factual information. I also note that one of you newsletters states hiring many hygienist for one of your clinics. They are qualified to see your patients, but not the poor? A

Why should the dental school offer lower assisted fees that allow access to care if the dental owned clincis do not?