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Jan 24 2010 by Dr Hana

Most of us have experienced the refreshing and cleansing experience of swimming in the ocean.   The Dead Sea, which has the highest concentration of salt in any body of water on this earth has always been thought to have healing powers. Salt draws out excess moisture, sets up an ‘antibacterial environment’, thins the thick and sticky secretions, helps the nose hair to filter more effectively and salty solutions actually removes particles, crust and debris.



Jan 24 2010 by Dr Hana

Is Nasal Washing Safe or Harmful?

It’s all in the Technique!


The idea of keeping your nose clean is not as strange as it used to be, and more people than ever are enjoying the health benefits of nasal irrigation.  And we know that if your air filter is kept clean, your overall health will benefit. 

If done correctly , washing can do no harm. 

I can assure you that I have never met a person with a nose that did not feel better after cleansing . Nose washing done right is easy and feels good.