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Dr. Gemzel H. Medical Doctor

Specialty: Pulmonary Medicine
New York, New York
Physician specialist in Clinical Pulmonology. Fellow Member of the American College of Chest Physicians. Member of the American Thoracic Society. Trained in Caracas, Venezuela at the Pulmonary Division of the University Hospital of Caracas. Taught there Pulmonary Medicine. Supporting the... Full Bio
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What Clinical Trials are to COPD and their relevance to you

Historical Aspect  Clinical Trials have evolved over the years. COPD has been impacted by the multiple research projects that have delivered...

Vicious versus Virtuous Circle in COPD

Yin and Yan There is always an opposite side. The opposite side doesn’t need to be negative. It is just different. Some days people walk in...

Bronchodilation as fundamental therapeutic measure in COPD

What is bronchodilation? In COPD there is a typical and fundamental feature which is “persistent bronchoconstriction”. Bronchoconstriction...

Real Impact: Some particles may not reach the target in the airways

One of the mechanisms There are several mechanisms that impact the transport and deposition of aerosols in the lungs. These mechanisms may...

Communication with the COPD patient (a short approach)

Patients differ Each patient has a different style. Assuming that all patients react to medical opinions in the same way, might even...

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Jan 31 2010 by Chris P.
Pls help, brother, age 47, 6 ft, 150 lbs. COPD diag 3+ yrs ago. 32+yr smoker, will not quit. Wildfire fighter in summer, bldg const in off season. Severe cough w/phlegm. Rx painkillers for back probs, none for COPD. COPD either stage 2 or 3. Please give me info on prospective average life expectancy based on this info. He needs a reality check & will not discuss w/current Dr.
Jun 02 2009 by diya
my period used 2 b of 5-7 days nd dis tym it has reduced 2 only 3 days.........nd dat also d first day d flow was vry less....second day i hav heavy bleeding bt third day again it was very low age is 21.......i had sex on 9 may......although i hope nothing went wrong bt i hav read sumwhere dat cramping or spots on panty r sign of it so?bt my date was nt just a apot on my panty.......bleedin was dere although its was for just one date dis tym came on 27 may......plz help me out........
Jan 07 2009 by falupee
my girlfriend is having some chest pressure and her slight pain in her tongue??  any suggestions??

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