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Chapel Hill, North Carolina
The Tubal Reversal Blog from is about tubal ligation reversal, a low cost, one-hour outpatient procedure that restores fertility after a tubal ligation. My newest study, is now posted on Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal 's website.
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Infertility Testing Before Tubal Reversal Surgery: Caution!

What tests do you need before having a tubal reversal? Dont listen to the IVF experts because they can sometimes be misleading.

The Dumbest Reason Not To Have Tubal Reversal

Are you searching for reasons not to have a tubal reversal? This article shares the dumbest reason why you should not get your tubes reversed.

My Journey With PTLS

My journey with PTLS (post tubal ligation syndrome) began following my tubal ligation. Never in all my years did I think that I would have so...

Tubal Reversal: What Infertility Test Do You Need?

What infertility testing is needed before tubal ligation reversal surgery? Not many and this article clearly explains why most of those tests are...

Checking For Blocked Tubes After Tubal Reversal

Many opinions exist about when testing for blocked tubes after tubal reversal surgery. These reversal experts provide concrete facts about when to...
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Feb 26 2013 by Aggragets

Dr. Berger, My wife and I have decided to have the Essure Reversal Procedure and have consulted with your practice; May I ask if you use the Da Vinci Surgical system? 

John Oravets 

Mar 11 2011 by Dr. Gary Berger, MD
mandmjones - Have you seen your doctor about your painful periods?
Mar 11 2011 by mandmjones
when i had my daughter 18 mths ago by c-section polyps were found in my womb i think thats where they were, the surgeon told me to see my doctors but he said not to worry about them, but i have been worrying, my periods have become very painfull almost unbearable, and i have stinging pains in my stomach through out the month 

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