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Martin, Tennessee
Dr. Brown received his undergraduate degree from Texas Christian University in 1966 and stayed on as a Research Fellow in Medical Psychology receiving his Ph. D. in 1970. He spent 38 years at The University of Tennessee at Martin, 24 as Chair of the Psychology Department where he published over 30... Full Bio
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Clinic Notes: Autism In India

Clinic Notes: Choosing Apps for Children with Autism

Parents, schools, and assorted health care professionals frequently ask me for app recommendations. Currently, there are over 900 “autism “ apps...

Apples and Autism

When it comes to teaching kids with #Autism A is for Apple ( Apple iPad that is.)...

Autism Campers

A camp that pairs children with #autism and normally developing children....

Perhaps a New treatment for Autism

The antioxidant N-acetylcysteine may be an effective treatment for some features of autism, ...
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Feb 04 2010 by QQjacqueQQ

Dr. Gary

hello my name is jacquelyn im am 26 yrs old and ive had the same problem for almost my whole life i have  diarrhea, nausea. headache and sometimes i cant go at all i dont take meds to make me go or stop cause it just makes my problem worst but it seams after i have had my second baby its got worst what do i do ive had all test done and they say im fine pls help me



Sep 08 2009 by aflacduckfreak
and i drink frum sippy cup
Sep 08 2009 by aflacduckfreak
ih i onley hads 1 grands mal but i sitll haveings repocusshuns of teh seizure!! i was pottytraned @3 now 29  bak in dipers and goodnites24-7

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