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Mar 11 2011 by mandmjones
when i had my daughter 18 months ago by c-section, polyps were found in my womb, are these dangerous, my doctor doesnt think so, but ive been having very painfull periods and pains through out the month, 
Jan 13 2011 by LiveLaughLove
In May we will have been trying for 2 years. Semen analysis results: 3.3 ml;  22.5 M/ml; 55% Mot.; 3%
The doctor said that 3% means low morphology and prompted IVF or superovulation.  All of my tests (e.g. FSH, LH, Prolactin, TSH, ultrasound - 22 follicles, HSG - tubes open, etc.) came back in the normal range and my husband's, she said, were only affected by the last number.  
Our doctor told us that our chances of getting pregnant naturally because of this is 5%. Is this true?
Aug 23 2010 by crazylisa01
No known Fertility issues: Positive OPK and had the insemination with 75% mortality rate aprox 18 to 26 hrs later. We are currently 3 days past Ovulation and in the 2ww so annoying the waiting that is. So we did clomid 100mg first time had her fallopian tubes tested with dye and every thing was open and looked great so the only reason for the clomid was irregular cycles. As Stated before she is 21.5 years old and in great health. Do you happen to know the % of conception with all considered?

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