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Dr. Erik G. Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. Erik Gregory is Executive Director of the Media Psychology Research Center. He specializes in positive psychology, a field that examines healthy human functioning such as courage, hope, optimism, and happiness. He has worked internationally with children and adolescents as a psychotherapist... Full Bio
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From Coke to Burberry: Dynamic or Transmedia Storytelling

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Outlaw Art and Extreme Selfies in Life

The line has been blurry between art and life for some time.  What has changed is that we (all of us!) can now more readily and artistically...

Facebook’s Research Dilemma: Did They Violate Ethical or Social Contracts?

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Spornosexuality, Body Image and Boys

We’ve spent all kinds of energy worrying about girls and body image.  Trends like ‘spornosexuals’ in the media (athletes and other celebrities...
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