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Dr. Erik G. Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. Erik Gregory is Executive Director of the Media Psychology Research Center. He specializes in positive psychology, a field that examines healthy human functioning such as courage, hope, optimism, and happiness. He has worked internationally with children and adolescents as a psychotherapist... Full Bio
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Every Brand Is A Story but Does That Make It ‘Transmedia’?

Every brand has a story–every brand, service, cause or idea was started because somebody, somewhere had a flame coming out of their you-know-whats...

Why The Nature of Social Media Conflicts with Hillary Clinton’s Brand Archetype

Obama was the classic Underdog archetype. Social media wasn’t his communications vehicle, it was part of his story. People ask if Hillary Clinton...

BattleKasting a Path to Literacy

Entrepreneur Alane Adams worries that kids don’t read enough.  This, along with some nudging from her son, inspired her to put pen to paper and...

Obama and Selfie Sticks—Was the Cost Greater than Health Insurance?

Obama stirred up a lot of attention with his BuzzFeed video Things Everybody Does but Doesn’t Talk About. Attention in the political world, by...

From Coke to Burberry: Dynamic or Transmedia Storytelling

Q: Are dynamic storytelling and transmedia storytelling the same thing? A: Dynamic storytelling, used in the context of the Coca Cola...
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