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I am a physical therapist and blogger from Augusta, GA. I specialize in othopaedic manual physical therapy techniques and am a faculty member at the Medical College of Georgia.
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Nov 09 2010 by Kathee

I am waiting to have an MRI done later on in December. This is to confirm a labral tear in my left hip. I am in severe pain already and am having increased difficulty standing and sitting. (I have a gerenally high pain tolerance, but amhaving to take both Tylenal Arthritis(20 and Tylenal/ codene, to even touch the pain)

My question is would I do more harm than good doing water jogging. I am clinically obese and already have extensive arthritis throughout my body. 

Any thoughts!


Apr 06 2010 by theonlysuz

Hi - I just got results of MRI-A - I have a hip labral tear with a large cyst.  It has been 8 years since the injury and i am just now getting the appropriate diagnosis.  I also have Ehlers Danlos type 3 and 4.  I wonder how that plays into this.  The injury happened during an intensive ski conditioning class - I suddenly felt a pain in my groin and had to stop.  I am 65 now,  have always been very active and athletic, swam on a masters team

Sep 26 2008 by softcrush

Love your notion that not all ACL sprains require surgery.  How long after injury would you wait before exploring surgical option? 

I had a dislocated patella and the doc said even though MRI indicated an old minor ACL sprain it  couldn't be bothering me now. He said the swelling and feelings of instability in the joint line are related to the soft tissue upset from the patella. He assured me all would be well in a couple months.    

Would you concur with that?