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Jul 18 2011 by Dr. Ellie Phillips
Think that you are making "a Listerine" sandwich - placing it between toothpaste and the ACT!!!
Jul 18 2011 by jwillis46

I've no problems keeping up with the Listerine. It just knocked me back a pace.

I plan to go full strength all the way.

It is a struggle however to break the old habit of rinsing with water after I brush. That's actually hard.. I goofed twice!

By the way.. do you have that video on brushing up on youtube? Thanks.

Jul 17 2011 by Dr. Ellie Phillips

Listerine is strong - and it is OK to dilute with water. It is vital to paste your teeth with Crest Cavity Protection paste BEFORE using Listerine. After using Listerine you must rinse immediately with ACT anticavity rinse. Check my website for details of this system.

Listerine will stop gingivitis and without gingivitis you will not get periodontitis. 95 % of US adults have some kind of gum disease ( and this can harm your general health). 

Jul 17 2011 by jwillis46
WOW.. as someone who is not accustomed to Listerine.. basically I've never had a drink of alcohol in my life.. it burns something fierce. My eyes were watering and tears rolled down my cheeks before 30 seconds were up. How do adults get use to this stuff.
Apr 06 2010 by Robinbird

Dear Doctor- dentist surgery- fill a cavity below the gumline. asked before the work if the gums would heal normally. he said yes. But after the surgery/ filling they did not heal back and are very low in that one spot. specialist said "Since gums do not attach to fillings, I could not guarantee a gum graft." 2nd  dentist/and specialist, who said the same thing! 1strefunded the amount spent on the tooth, $1400.   Over $4000! gum that needs treatment, not the tooth?


Mar 21 2010 by eswari

wheather i was walking my leg was paining, what is the reason for this, how to avoid this please helpme in this regards 

Dec 21 2009 by hnichols
I just want to no if this is normal or have a vitamen def.
Dec 21 2009 by hnichols
My son has two adult that are up. But both teeth have craters on them. like the moon looks thats how his teeth look
Aug 11 2009 by misslady_22
well i have 3 bad teeth that i have to go to an oral surgeon for, and one of them on my right side had an abscess and when that went away it left a bump on my gum and it has pus in it and i wanted to know if i could bust it so it can drain out or is there something else i can do?
Aug 11 2009 by misslady_22

i have a bump on my gum by an infected tooth at the bottom of my mouth it filled with pus i was wondering if i could bust it or is there something i can do to make it go down?