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Dr. Ellen Weber

What an honor to contribute to and learn more about brain health in this fine community, alongside each of you! Together we can accomplish brain health never before accomplished by engaging brainpower for innovative solutions for a new era. Imagine new neuron pathways from abilities you possess... Full Bio
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Enter High School-University Giveaway

A back-to-school giveaway supports secondary and university faculty to make students’ brains a larger part of their learning in the...

Dare to Risk for Change You Crave?

Say you find yourself working with peers who cling to obsolete turf .   Or perhaps you’re stuck in a rut with a boring routine you...

Tone Tools for Brainier Leaders (A Survey)

Tone tools create goodwill for skilled leaders – even in war zones. The body language of leaders’ communication, tone brings a...

What’s Your Problem?

  What question would start your day on a different path? A trek toward unusual possibilities. What trigger might lead...

Find the CLEVER in Teens – The Fault in Our Stars

Teens have finally found a book THEY love! In fact they’re devouring The Fault in our Stars in droves! The clever part is that...
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