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Dr. Ellen Weber

What an honor to contribute to and learn more about brain health in this fine community, alongside each of you! Together we can accomplish brain health never before accomplished by engaging brainpower for innovative solutions for a new era. Imagine new neuron pathways from abilities you possess... Full Bio
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Personal Feelings into Brain Based Tools

As Valentine approaches – have you considered how personal feelings transform especially well into brilliant learning and leading...

Let’s Learn From Black Leaders During Black History Month

Poverty is still a huge problem for many , and yet we also still have opportunities to learn about doable solutions from black...

Your Brain on Laughter

Are brain benefits lost if laughter attacks others? Can we teach or learn humor that benefits brainpower? Can stoke aha...

5 Surefire Daggers to Dumb Down 2015

1). Wield bigger words to replace crisp words that would have worked for less astute warriors, and you’ve already started a dumb-down...
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