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Dr. Edward Leyton Medical Doctor

Specialty: Family Medicine
Kingston, Canada
Dr. Leyton is a practitioner of Integrative Medicine - medicine that brings together the physical,... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
No you cannot.  The yeast from a 'yeast infection' is totally different from the yeast... more
Oct 14 2009 8:50am
A quick rundown for a complex illness: Cleanup your diet and your lifestyle... more
Sep 23 2009 10:16am
Have a doctor check your ear.  Could be infection or eczema etc.  In general never put... more
Sep 23 2009 7:36am
Yes there are good studies to show that Crohn's can be controlled and kept in remission... more
Sep 23 2009 5:58am
rk with food, so it is better to take them with food and most people eat 3 times a day.... more
Sep 16 2009 5:53am
Try my CD at  before you do you van see my youtube video under "Learn to... more
Jun 19 2009 8:13am
Hi Jahsmah: I am going to write in more detail about detoxification in future... more
Dec 01 2008 5:31am