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Specialty: Family Medicine
Kingston, Canada
Dr. Leyton is a practitioner of Integrative Medicine - medicine that brings together the physical,... Full Bio
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Hi Heather:

Just got your post - I am not a frequesnt visitor to wellsphere!!  and they dont tell you when someone has posted.  I honestly do not know anyone in NB -  you can try going to for a canadian list.  Also your student could try my website at for tools.  I also do phone consults but they are not cheap!   I'll pass your post onto Andrea.  Her email is

Mar 16 2009 by Heather H.

Dr. Leyton,

My name is Heather Harvey and I was a friend of your wife's when we both lived in Kentville. I am currently a sociology professor for the University of Brunswick in our off-campus site in the Miramichi. I have a student who suffers from severe anxiety and is interested in exploring alternatives to the traditional forms of medication she has been prescribed in the past. I am wondering if there are practitioners of intergrative medicine in New Brunswick that you would be able to recommend. Thank you for your consideration of this matter and please give my best to Andrea.

Heather Harvey-Stymiest 


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