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Dr. Dorree L. Doctor of Philosophy

Specialty: Clinical Psychology
Washington, District of Columbia
Dr. Dorree Lynn is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the website and ezine, a forum for age-mates in the second half of their lives. Besides being a saging advocate, Dr. Lynn can be seen as a featured sexpert on relationships & intimacy in her "On The... Full Bio
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The age of prince, or princess, charming showing up at your door is over. But, hard as it is to believe, there are plenty of fish in the sea. If...

Calling All Men with Falling Hair, Faulty Plumbing, and Flagging Dicks

I am totally immersed in writing my new book tentatively titled Is there Sex After 50? (Health Communications, Inc, Spring 2010). They are the...

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Help the Economy: Shop American

I am going to say something bad. Try counting to 10 and thinking before you dismiss me. Try substituting curiosity instead of judgment. My bad words...

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Dr. Dorree L. posted Seven Years Later Dec 16 2009
ic1wife wrote on Dr. Dorree L.'s Whiteboard. Oct 23 2009
Dr. Dorree L.'s Whiteboard
Oct 23 2009 by ic1wife

can u get strep throat when u don't have adnoids and tosnils?


Apr 26 2009 by allalee
My neighbor burns sage on her front porch as part of her religious rituals, creating a large amount of smoke. I suffer from chronic headaches and often feel sick and get a headache when she does this. What if any side effects are there from inhaling this smoke and could this be the cause of my headache.
Mar 10 2009 by Jennifer B.
My son has aching hips, thigh, knee, and calf pain, mainly before it rains. I told his pediatrician, but he said he is flat footed, and needs a insert for his shoes. What concerns me, he has a twin brother that has flat feet also, and he has no problems with aching. Could you please help me? He wakes up crying because of the pain. J. Bayer

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