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Appointed first Renal Tsar for England in February 2007
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Evenyone counts - even people with aHUS?

The planning guidance for the NHS in  2013/14  is called “ Everyone Counts “.  It sets out  ambitions to deliver on the NHS constitution and...

Everything's Changed; except the challenges

I am reminded this morning as the new structures of the reformed NHS take up the reins of the opening sentences of A Tale of Two Cities by...

Don't let them die of AKI

This year the global kidney community made acute kidney injury (AKI) the theme of World Kidney Day. This was a significant and important...

Kidney the Heart of a New CVD Strategy

Living well for longer needs good kidney function. Many will have seen the press coverage of the Lancet article on “UKhealth performance:...

Shocking statistics of the day

At the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust in the 2007 patient survey it revealed, only five in the 54 asked said...
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Feb 03 2011 by Vickie B.
My brother began hemodialysis two months ago....he has been hospitalized twice in a month for MRSA now!  He is very weak and has chronic reanl failure,I believe end stage (diabetic also).  What is the best th ing we can do to control the MRSA????  How long usually do the patients tolerate or live with teh dialysis?  He is not elligible for a transplant they told him???  Please help...I'm a nurse,but haven't worked dialysis since 1975...Thanks!!!

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