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San Marcos, California
I'm a 75 year old retired dermatologist. I've been diagnosed with early Alzheimer's disease but if... Full Bio
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Holiday thoughts from Kansas

It has been three weeks since my last posting.  Winter is in full swing out here on the plains of Kansas.  As you read this, I hope you and your...

Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who might be reading this.  I spoke to Jane last evening, (Nov. 23, Tuesday).  Don has been in a rehab facility...

Kansas in the Fall

Kansas is beautiful right now with Fall colors and the first hard frost just past.  I have to do this Kansas promo every now and then for all of...

From Kansas

It has been a while since an entry has happened here.  I visited with Don and Jane last week.  They both sounded well, and they both continue to...

An interesting response to my entry

This is a comment to one of my earlier entries: "I note a desire to stay in touch with family members. We have a very large extended family in...

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Jul 16 2009 by mohsinnice
what to do with thigh itching and burning in hot summers of pakistan

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