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Dr. Dinesh Sharma

Jaipur, India
Eye is the greatest gift of God to the mankind. Today millions of people are devoid of this Mother Nature?s most beautiful gift. Prakash Ayurvedic Nethralaya & Panchakarma Kendra is founded to spread light in the lives of people who are devoid of this God?s greatest gift to mankind. We are here to provide quality eye treatment through ayurveda. The institute offers treatment for all eye diseases especially those related to retina like Diabetic Retinopathy, Pathological Myopia, Macular... Full Bio
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Dec 08 2010 by kishan lal rathi
please give ur contact no. i have some queries. one of ur ex patient from bhilai. meena rathi 09329020245
Sep 26 2010 by vinod
respected Dr Dinesh my wife is suffering from Diabetic Retinopathy she has taken treatment by inj Avastin in both eyes and green laser three times in each eye at present she cannot see from both eyes Well learned Dr said that nerves from the backside had damaged eyesight improvement is not possible at this stage what kind of treatment in ayurved u can suggest to improve the vision--Dr Vinod Madaan, Amritsar E mail
Jul 06 2010 by Dr. Dinesh Sharma

Drusen bodies are seen primarily in the cases of macular degeneration and secondarily in other retinal diseases. Generally this is a progressive disease and may lead to vision loss. With  ayurvedic management we can arrest the progressive nature of the disease and some vision can also be restored. Complete checkup is mandatory in your case to conclude the exact prognosis. Your previous reports can also provide the useful information about your disease.  

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