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Dr. David Trybus Doctor of Chiropracty

Springfiled, Missouri
My name is Dr. David Trybus, I am an Alternative Healthcare Provider specializing in treating... Full Bio
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~FINDING YOUR HAPPY PLACE...Where did I put it?~

  In todays World, people are so busy taking care of their spouses, significant others, their kids, their jobs and anything else that they...


As a Health Care Physician, I regularly recommend that my patients receive therapeutic massages to speed their recovery. That request is met...

ESSENTIAL OILS ~ They are Essential to your Lifestyle!

In my practice and in my life I use essential oils for many purposes.  I only use one brand and that is Young Living therapeutic grade essential...


In my practice, I am laser focused on assisting people with finding their way back to a health. We address many aspects of what is necessary to...

DEADLY SNACKS ~ How Much Do You Eat?

In my office we counsel patients on proper eating habits for many reasons. Some patients are wanting weight loss, others more energy, some...

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Dec 27 2010 by Suzanne A.
my grandson is just 2 yrs, old, a few times now, including today, he seems just fine, eats well, 2 bowls of cereal, and then suddenly after a while after eating he vomits, His mother notices purple spots inside his ears, they don't seem to hurt, after a day he is fine. She has taken him to two doctors about this, and they have no answers.  Do you hve any thoughts on what is going on?
Nov 05 2010 by Amanda F.

I have been throwing up for 3 months now they say I have cronic Gastritis. I am wondering if it could possibly be addisons I have a lot of the symptoms of Addisons, low BP, pigment changes, weightloss, aches and pain.... do you know a local Dr. that specializes in this field?

Nov 04 2010 by abe
i have a bulging cervical disc at c5-c6, its been over a ,1yr now, the pain is getting worse , i am also feeling pain in the tip of my shoulder, and the back of the shoulder, the tip is a sharp stabbing pain, the back of the shoulder is a burning pain,,,now also my forearm began to hurt when lifting heavy objects, or making a fist or twisting my hand, and now it has spread to my upper arm muscle,,,,,,,,is the radiculpathy or stenosis or tendintis ????? id appreciate ur help plse.

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