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A Malaysian doctor magician who loves his magic as much as his medicine. Getting the biggest satisfaction from treating patients, as well as entertaining people. Magic, can be a good medicine.
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Missing HO Times?

A nice local short film - "Budak Baru" to depict life of a new houseman. Many of us will watch it smiling, full of reminiscence...

"Angels we have heard on high" by The Piano Guys

Another fantastic work by The Piano Guys. Christmas mood is everywhere now. Enjoy! ;)

Hot Bath for CKD?

Came across this interesting paper by Ting Y et al . Authors found that a 30-min hot water bath daily or 2-hour sauna bath three times a...

David Blaine: Real or Magic

Blaine is back in a groundbreaking new special: Real or Magic. Watch it and be astonished - magic that you'll never believe. The...

Interesting ECG (8)

(Image from Nakamura K et al. Arch Intern Med 2012; 172(5):389) Recently there was a patient with typical anginic chest pain...

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Hey there-

I liked the x-ray post. I'm a nursing student looking for a CT of a heart transplant patient with significant swelling of mediastinal lymph nodes.  


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