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Dr. Daniel Kalish Doctor of Chiropracty

San Francisco, California
For the past 15 years Daniel Kalish, D.C. has successfully treated patients with hormone imbalances, food cravings, fatigue, depression, digestive distress, and many other health complaints. Dr. Kalish founded The Natural Path Clinic in Del Mar, California, where he led a staff of physicians,... Full Bio
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Feb 13 2011 by JEKB
I've also since June 2010 have dermatomyositis and wanted to talk to others to see what they have tried that helped them or didn't seem to work.  How can I locate people who have this and safely? My doctor wants me to get a muscle bio to see if anything else is going on. Is this a sure way to rule anything in or out?
Sep 07 2010 by carolyn

Dear Dr.

My friend is in serious need of alternative care for dermatomysitis. I'm looking for all info and help for her. Please direct us or send instructions. Houston,Tx. and I'm on line.  Please and thank you.

Sep 22 2009 by chars
i got b12 injections for ayear it was stop but 2 weeks ago it came back low so they had to do test over again that was 10 days ago still no word back

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