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Columbia, South Carolina
I am an average Radiologist in an average practice in an average town in the South. When it came time to replace an aging PACS system, I tried my best to learn as much as I could about what's out there, and it has become an obsession ever since. Obviously, I am posting my own personal opinions and... Full Bio
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Dear Accelarad customer,You should have received an email from me on Monday of this week, when I provided our customers an early insight...

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Sep 21 2011 by Kevin P.
or pertaining...
Sep 21 2011 by Kevin P.
we are having major issues launching our Fuji Synapse to our referring offices (we were a GE Centricity office)  we are a multi modality imaging center that has several locations.  I was wondering if you are familiar with some of the firewall/security issues peratining Synapse?

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