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Columbia, South Carolina
I am an average Radiologist in an average practice in an average town in the South. When it came time to replace an aging PACS system, I tried my best to learn as much as I could about what's out there, and it has become an obsession ever since. Obviously, I am posting my own personal opinions and... Full Bio
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Turning Point?

Image courtesy There was a meeting involving everyone with a stake in our PACS problem. This included...

And Another New Pres For TR

Looks like TeraRecon has a new CEO (from ) TeraRecon, a global medical image management company, announced that Jeff...

A Post For Larry

This would all be funny if PACS was the conduit for Netflix or something equally frivolous. As our episodes of outage and...

MGH Still Uses Old AMICAS!

Look familiar? This is a screen-shot from AMICAS PACS, circa 2005. That would be about 10 years ago. But I just had a flash of deja...

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Sep 21 2011 by Kevin P.
or pertaining...
Sep 21 2011 by Kevin P.
we are having major issues launching our Fuji Synapse to our referring offices (we were a GE Centricity office)  we are a multi modality imaging center that has several locations.  I was wondering if you are familiar with some of the firewall/security issues peratining Synapse?

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