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Columbia, South Carolina
I am an average Radiologist in an average practice in an average town in the South. When it came time to replace an aging PACS system, I tried my best to learn as much as I could about what's out there, and it has become an obsession ever since. Obviously, I am posting my own personal opinions and... Full Bio
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Watching The Apple Watch

My birthday present from Mrs. Dalai arrived yesterday, just a few months past the event itself. The much ballyhooed Apple Watch now rests...

Enterprise Imaging: To Boldly Radiograph What No Man Has Radiographed BeforeWell, Actually, ONCE Before...

Wrong. These are the voyages of the model ship that in a very real sense was the Enterprise itself, its 50 year mission, to delight and...

Dalai's Shipboard Standup Routine Or, Why I'm Keeping My Day Job...

Courtesy Earlier this year, Mrs. Dalai and I spent a week on a Princess Cruise ship, meeting up with...

Last Mango In Paris

My primary goal for retirement was to hit the road with Mrs. Dalai and travel the world. I'm happy to report that we have begun our journey into...

How To Kill A Doctor

From the  HealthCareBlog : How To Kill a Doctor It’s really quite easy to kill a doctor. Here’s a step-by-step process guaranteed to...

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Sep 21 2011 by Kevin P.
or pertaining...
Sep 21 2011 by Kevin P.
we are having major issues launching our Fuji Synapse to our referring offices (we were a GE Centricity office)  we are a multi modality imaging center that has several locations.  I was wondering if you are familiar with some of the firewall/security issues peratining Synapse?

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