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Specialty: Family Medicine
Small Town, Washington
Writing about the practice of 21st century country medicine from the heart of logging and farming country in Washington State
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May 17 2010 by hematoma
Jul 03 2009 by Ming W.

what would you report verbally to your supervisor and in what context?

what action would you take to protect your clients' confidentiality when making the report?

what organisational report/forms might you need to fill out as well as repoting this event?

Jul 03 2009 by Ming W.
why is documentation so important in Aged Care
Apr 28 2009 by Paulette
Have you ever wondered where the fund raising is for HEP C?
Apr 14 2009 by Rube
I was sick with a terrible flu virus for about three weeks, but have been feeling better for two weeks, however, I have been left with a severe pain in my right lower inside quad for the last two weeks. the pain is worse at night. Any ideas?