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Small Town, Washington
Writing about the practice of 21st century country medicine from the heart of logging and farming country in Washington State
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A Tale of Two Brothers, Vol II

Previously I wrote of two brothers with very similar diagnoses who took two very different paths.  Both with classic Generalized Anxiety Disorder...

Running Out of Town

Packing up and heading out of town for a week today.  My first week off for vacation in a year (we won't count the week I took off last November...

To Sell or Not To Sell

Last night my remaining partner and I were approached informally by the CMO of the small critical access hospital in our area.  A close personal...

Time to Go

A follow up from my last blog post on a home visit that touched me as well as the family I went to see.  After I left the home the frail man with...

Giving Back

Being a small town family doctor demands a lot from an individual.  The time, energy, frustrations, heartaches, headaches, and other struggles for...
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May 17 2010 by hematoma
Jul 03 2009 by Ming W.

what would you report verbally to your supervisor and in what context?

what action would you take to protect your clients' confidentiality when making the report?

what organisational report/forms might you need to fill out as well as repoting this event?

Jul 03 2009 by Ming W.
why is documentation so important in Aged Care

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