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I run a comprehensive chiropractic clinic in red Deer, Alberta.  We offer decompression therapy, chiropractic, massage, laser, xray, and acupuncture.  We are open 60 hrs per week monday to saturday and never turn patients away.  i am a hands on doctor and i take time to ensure my patients get the best care available.  i also write editorials for a local news paper, and two local magazines.
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As a doctor of chiropractic I see a very high number of children -newborn -12 yoa.  The true benefits of chiropractic can be seen when starting...

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Neck and back pain that have been non responsive to traditional care can be greatly improved with decompression therapy.  Arm and leg pain such as...
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Jul 23 2012 by Dr. Chris Senko
Questions or comments about chiropractic or general health? i am happy to try and help answer your questions or concerns.

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