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Jan 03 2011 by angie62gx
Hello dr. Hope u can help me, I've had a 5th metatarsel fracture on nov 6 2010 and till today its has not healed. there is still no union. my dr says that i've got osteoporasis. I am using a foot air cast. I am 48 yrs female. My dr has prescribed fosamax for me but wat reading more about it I am very sceptical about starting on this drug. Can u pls advise? tq
Dec 22 2009 by mabby
hello doctor. im going to keep it  very short and simple. i took drugs for 5 yrs(marijuiana) and was really enjoying my self,not july 2007 that i took some lsd that completely changed my way of seeing the reality(i hadbad trips) i couldn't laugh.the diaphram musles had weakened. i even told it to my friend but nobody believed. i tel u now honestly i dont breathe at all. i breathe just a little that too through my chest or throat.please help me