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Dr. Brian M. Medical Doctor

Specialty: Neuropathology
Springfield, Illinois
Asst. Professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (Springfield, IL) Departments... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Oct 28 2008 4:04pm
This is a difficult question. There are several reasons why the calcification is there.... more
Nov 06 2008 7:11am
Great idea! Studies have indicated that moderate exercise decreases one's chances of... more
Nov 18 2008 11:04am
The phrase "brain mass" simply means some kind of growth in the brain that should not be... more
Dec 02 2008 11:33am
No alternative treatments for brain tumors have been proven to work better than... more
Oct 14 2009 6:57am
It sounds as though your husband needs to be evaluated by a medical professional. See if... more
Nov 11 2009 6:15am
Nov 09 2009 1:33am
I think you mean "Moyamoya disease". Moyamoya disease is a rare, progressive... more
Nov 11 2009 6:18am
Dec 13 2009 6:48pm
Most meningiomas are benign, and typically cured simply by surgery to remove the mass. A... more
Dec 16 2009 6:02am
I would recommend that you go with your husband to a neurologist for consultation. The... more
Jan 06 2010 5:59am
Survival is possible with this type of tumor. But it does depend on whether or not the... more
Jan 13 2010 7:34am