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Specialty: Neuropathology
Springfield, Illinois
Asst. Professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (Springfield, IL) Departments... Full Bio
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Apr 25 2010 by Isk8her76
My son is 2 years old, he has had an elevated CK level that started at 598 1.5 years ago every six months he has had a testing which went as follows, 525, 375, 301.  His EMG and nerve conductor test at age 1 and a half was normal. He has "flabby" legs and arms-thigh region and biceps, but exhibits no issues in climbing stairs, jumping, or running outside and walking distances.  I am concerned about his low muscle tone.  He is 39in tall and 38.5 lbs at 30mo
Oct 29 2009 by kashika


Though you a Neuropathology specialist,but i have a problem related to a different field.My close relative is sufferin from liver sclerosis,hepatitis c and recently cancer has also been detected.Please help me know if there is any cure for the same.

Jul 30 2009 by Samemitch

Dr. Brian,

 I hve had had a long term neuropathy on my entire right side... 15 years at least.  there was an acute onset , then just maintained.  the muscles on my right side have atophed a bit but not noticably to tothers.  Tons of MRIs, Scans, Nerve conduction, blood work etc.. over the years... Nothing.  Until recently I now have an elevated Poloycolonal IgM  it's About 290. Nobody seems to worry.. "its probably some virus that has had this chronic effecft "  I feel like I am going crazy.  I am not in pain, just aching,  my face to my foot.  


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