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I am a MD with a practice in London, England. I specialise in two main modalities. 1. Classical Homeopathy: I prescribe one homeopathic remedy at one time for one person. 2. Provocative Therapy: the cutting edge of the use of reverse psychology and humorous insights in medicine and... Full Bio
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New Website and Blog launched

My new website and blog has now launched, and I look forward to your visit. Many thanks Dr. Brian Kaplan London PS: This Blog will...

Some thoughts on staying well

The poet Longfellow writes: Joy, temperance, and repose, slam the door on the doctor's nose. And ‘slamming the door on the doctor’s nose’ can...

I really must lighten up

Prof. Colquhoun has noticed my last post and accused homeopaths of being ‘deluded’ and concluded that my ‘paranoid tone’ is an indication that...

That Letter of the Disciples of Scientism

Dr. David Colquhoun writes about me and that UCL debate in his rather sneering blog in which he accuses anyone using alternative medicine of lying...

The Tide is Turning!

Good news friends. The tide is starting to turn… Homeopathy is starting to defend itself in earnest against biased attacks in the medical...
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Feb 11 2011 by Wild R.

Hi Dr

I need to get an ensure treatment of canine parvo virus just to get my puppies rid of it. Could you please advise me regarding it

Oct 24 2009 by Mlake
Is it safe to take edta to keep arteries clear with a stent in place in the main artery?  If not what non Rx is good to keep arteries clean.  I began juicing and rebounding but can only rebound for 3 minutes .. so far.  thanks
Aug 24 2009 by suisui

hello doctor

i am a 46yr woman who is too embarrased to see a doctor about my problem. i had casual sex with a man and 2 days after i noticed an excrutiating cut like pain in the crease line on my bottom area near to my anus. its burning sensation everytime i wash it. few days later i now have burning pain around my vagina labia area n is painful everytime i wash it also. i looked but does not find any pimples or bad smell but both the areas are red in color n burning with stinging pain.

please help and advise soonest possible.

thanks and regards



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