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‘Tis the season for family, fun, and sweets! With that, during this season every year the United States goes through over 2 BILLION candy...

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The way I breathe can cause back pain?!


November is for Nuts

Before we delve into nutrition fun, I think it would be helpful to introduce myself officially for the Natural Health Chiropractic Blog...

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Sep 15 2008 by Drjaydc
<b>I have to sincerely disagree with your chiropractor being non interested in the vaccination issue.&nbsp; As a doctor and a health care professional, you should be interested in all forms of health care, even allopathic.&nbsp; You would be niave to think people are told whole truths and are fully informed by their PCP or specialists.&nbsp; People look to DC's for advice, information, second opinions and alternative health issues that are underadvertised.&nbsp; Having a professional opinion, based on sound evidence, clinical experience or studied knowledge makes you a good Doctor. </b>

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