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Ben graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor of science in Cell and Molecular Biology. While at the UW, Ben rowed three years for the Huskies on the varsity crew team. At the end of his Junior year, Ben took a year off to travel throughout the South Pacific and SE Asia. Ben volunteered with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, worked as one of seven cowboys on a seven million acre cattle station in Outback Australia, lived with a Fijian family on a remote island and was a crew member... Full Bio
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Jul 06 2009 by legpain
Last week I received six steriod injections to my lower back, to assist with back and leg pain, my left leg was extremely painful prior to the procedure, now post injections, my other leg is the one with pain.  Is this normal?  Also my period is different, it's a slow trickle of dark blood, going thru the motions of a regular perios but it's been over a week.  Is this kind of menstrual spotting normal?