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Jan 31 2009 by happyhoney

eating more, weighing less?

Posted by happyhoney

I lost over one hundred pounds a few years ago (slowly and healthfully) and had maintained my weight for some time. Then i put on about 20 big deal, i lost ten quickly by being more mindful and running more. BUT...i hit a plateau and noticed something strange.

I'd been restricting calories and running more, the scale wasn't moving much. Then, one weekend, i said, "oh well", and i ate more. Not binging, not crazy, but probobly a solid 500 calories more than when i was restricting. When i weighed myself a couple of days later, i had lost 3 pounds. 

What's up with that?

Should i be eating more?

Were the results i saw just a delayed reaction from all the restricting?

 what do you think??



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