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Dr B Doctor of Chiropracty

Glastonbury, Connecticut
Hello, My name is Dr Matthew Bellinger and I am a Chiropractor in Connecticut. My office is located in Glastonbury CT. We have a Chiropractic office that specializes in low back pain and neck pain and related symptoms. We utilize numerous Chiropractic treatments and therapies and also use... Full Bio
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Jun 30 2010 by Judy M.
my leg to foot feel tingling and how can it stop ?
Oct 01 2009 by Barmac
Have you heard of the Xtreme Interbody Fusion operation and if so do you recommend it for someone who has already had four spinal fusions. Thanks
May 10 2009 by Chopper

In a Semi accident. At first my arms and legs were tingly and numb. and back was in pain along with knees. after 2-3 days my left leg and arm have no feeling and I have abdominal pain. I am scared to death and would like to know if this is perminent or if it is possible to tell. My work life depends on it. is there an answer and what are they going to do to me???? I am very scared and it was a very violent crash.