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Oct 11 2009 by Agonistes

On your recent post "Low Carb Paleo: Nothings Impossible" how does one interpret the vertical axis (Percentile Calcium Score?).  What would be the biological significance of a 20% score vs an 80% score?  

Great blog, thanks for all your work. 

Sep 16 2009 by Dexter Y.

Anecdotal letter from MD at health care facility in Wisconsin to Vit D Council regarding Vit D protection against H1N1 in patients.

Vit D3 is the one you want...gel caps in oil...D2 is not what you want.  4000 IU to 5000IU per day taken in the morning.  Reference:



May 14 2009 by OliveFuture

What type of Vit. D is recommended?

Also, what is an appropriate dose of vitamin D for starters?  O.F.

Mar 10 2009 by jsh01


this is seriously big stuff to test out....take 150K D3 per day for 3 days to eliminate flu..

other serious stuff isĀ 

2. give up wheat and this boy has no more bedgas and hard stomach

3. take 2 gm of acetyl carnitine , am and pm, no more skid marks..


dr j in melbourne australia

Aug 25 2008 by Mary Ann P.
My name is Mary.  I'm the moderator for the Wellsphere weight loss community.  Thanks for joining us.  I look forward to reading your posts here.
If you're new to Wellsphere take a few minutes to explore the site.  There are tons of great articles on everything from sports to healthy eating to relaxation.  If you're looking for something specific the search feature is great.  For instance you can use it to find healthy barbeque tips, information on accupuncture and spinning classes along with hundreds of other things.
Feel free to post questions, comments and information.  This is truly an interactive community of people who want to live healthier lives.  We all work together to support one another.
I just wanted you to know that we're here to help you attain your goals.  If there is anything I can help with let me know.  And welcome to Wellsphere.
Mary P